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    How do I stay in touch with my team, students, colleagues, or family?


    What tools can I use to help me?


    How do I stay secure online?


    Do I really need to set up a remote culture?


    Can I really do this all from home?


    I'm getting overwhelmed.. how do I protect my time?


    I'm feeling lonely.. how to I stay connected?


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    A week ago, over 200 people joined a whatsapp group from all over the globe and collaboratively created and curated this comprehensive guide on how to set up your remote working life.


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  • workforce effectiveness & wellbeing

    Creating a confident & competent future workforce through every career moment

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    "One reality is clear...[it is] much harder for organisations to attract and retain the skilled talent they need to keep pace with the speed of technological change. They will have to grow their own workforce."


    - 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, Navigating the rising tide of uncertainty. PwC


    L&D Strategy and Delivery

    Whether you need a brand new L&D Strategy or a refresh and update. Use our collective of experienced Learning Consultants to provide bespoke programmes to suit the needs of your workforce.


    Future of Work Training sessions

    Use our collective of facilitators to deliver topic specific, impactful and 21st century relevant training; whether it’s a power hour, day or a series of workshops.


    1-2-1 Executive and Career coaching

    Your workforce can benefit from 1-to-1 coaching with our collective of executive and career specialist coaches.

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  • The demands and changes of the 21st century working landscape means your workforce needs to be more than just good at their role.


    Your talent's career timeline is filled with 'transitional moments'.

    From entering, returning, moving within and exiting your business, these are fragile times where effectiveness and wellbeing are at risk.


    We’re a collective of subject matter experts who design and deliver outstanding learning and development experiences that offer solutions for these transitional moments to maximise your uniquely human skills.



  • You know it's important...


    of the workforce will require significant upskilling and reskilling within the next 5 years.


    World Economic Forum, The Future Jobs Report


    of business leaders believe more innovation is needed in L&D


    Harvard Business Corporate Learning, The State of Leadership Development: Meeting the Transformation Imperative


    of adults would learn new skills or completely retrain to improve their future employability.

    23rd Annual Global Survey, PwC



    of adults feel they have been given opportunities to develop digital skills outside their normal duties.

    23rd Annual Global Survey, PwC